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Prostate cancer can grow slowly. Some men may not need treatment. The doctor will watch for any changes or signs the cancer is getting worse.

Some prostate cancer will need to be treated. The goal of treatment is to remove as much cancer as possible while saving healthy prostate tissue. Other treatment may also help to keep cancer from spreading or coming back. The plan will often have a mix of methods. The type of cancer, age and health of the patient will all play a role in treatment choices.

You will have a care team made up of doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, and others. It is important to stay in touch with your team throughout treatment and recovery to make sure your wishes are followed.

Prostate cancer is treated with:

Other treatmentsSurgeryRadiation therapyMedications—Hormonal therapyChemotherapyLifestyle changes

Treatments for many cancers are always changing. Some have yet to be found. There are many clinical trials underway around the world. You may wish to ask your care team if you should try a clinical trial. You can find out about them at the US National Institutes of Health website.


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