Lahey doctor describing treatment options to a patient

Patient education is an important part of managing a chronic disease, such as asthma. Understanding the nature of the disease is an important first step in controlling it.

Each patient at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Asthma Center is also educated about how to implement the prescribed treatment plan. Recommendations are then sent to the patient’s primary care provider regarding management of the patient’s program. Ongoing telephone support is also available to both patient and provider.

If you or a member of your family is treated at the Asthma Center, you can be sure of a thorough medication review, instruction in how to use inhalers and other devices, and guidance in environmental controls, action plans and peak flow monitoring.

Your doctor will show you how you can use a peak flow meter, which is a very simple device, to monitor your own “lung power.” By keeping a regular record of your peak flow results, you can help your doctor make important decisions about your medication and the other components of your treatment plan.


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