Clinical trials are research studies designed to determine whether new treatments are both safe and effective for humans. At Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, our researchers conduct hundreds of clinical trials each year, including many cancer clinical trials.

Most of the cancer clinical trials at Lahey help our doctors discover more effective ways to treat many different types of cancer. Additional clinical trials are designed to improve our ability to diagnose cancer as well as discover better ways to manage symptoms associated with cancer treatment. Patients who participate in our clinical trials often gain access to new cancer treatments before they are available to the general public.

Clinical trials are conducted for all stages of cancer, including early limited stage cancers to advanced cancers. At Lahey, patients will be provided the option to participate in our cancer clinical trials if they meet the eligibility criteria. Participation is entirely voluntary. Patients will never be enrolled in a clinical trial without their consent.

Patient Safety is Paramount

When patients participate in a cancer clinical trial at Lahey, they can be assured that patient safety is our primary concern. Our clinical staff has extensive experience in conducting clinical trials, and we are deeply committed to protecting the rights and welfare of our patients.

All research activity at Lahey is monitored by the hospital’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure the safety of study participants. The IRB is composed of Lahey colleagues and members of the general public from our local communities.

Current Cancer Clinical Trials

Cancer clinical trials currently being conducted by Lahey Health researchers can be found in the clinical trial directory linked below.

Clinical Trials