About the International HCM Summit

Drs. Barry Maron and Martin Maron are responsible for launching and directing the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on HCM. For more than 2 decades (every 3 years) and for 3 days, the HCM Summit serves as a unique educational venue for cardiologists, healthcare professionals, and patients worldwide. Attendees hear and discuss the latest and most clinically relevant data on this complex disease.

HCM Summit VII Highlights

Most recently, in October 2021, the 7th International HCM Summit was held (virtually) with almost 700 attendees from 40 countries and 42 US states. Those in attendance had the opportunity to engage and interact with a wide variety of topics presented in 47 expert lectures, debates, and comprehensive discussions by 36 distinguished international speakers—including Dr. Eugene Braunwald.


Tentatively scheduled for October 2024. More details to come.