Lahey Health is now part of Beth Israel Lahey Health.  Explore Lahey locations below or reach Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Beverly Hospital and Winchester Hospital.


Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has a full-service Department of Dermatology that provides medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Staffed by 13 board-certified physicians and two nurse practitioners, the Department of Dermatology provides adult and pediatric dermatology services, including screening and a wide array of skin, hair and nail conditions.

Dermatology offers service at multiple Lahey locations in northeastern Massachusetts, including Burlington, Lexington, Lynnfield and Peabody. The Burlington location for Dermatology is located off site at 67 South Bedford Street, Suite 100E.

Lahey’s Dermatology team is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Department of Dermatology. Our group of dermatologists work with patients individually to develop a unique and specific treatment plan that provides expert care with the understanding of individual needs and situations.

Annually, the Department of Dermatology presents the Samuel L. Moschella Lectureship in Dermatology for physicians. Topics and visiting presenters are different each year.

Past Presenters
2000: Joseph Jorizzo, MD 2010: David E. Fisher, MD
2001: William James, MD 2011: Joel M. Gelfand, MD, MSCE
2002: Jean Bolognia, MD 2012: R. Rox Anderson, MD
2003: Howard Koh, MD 2013: Irwin M. Braverman, MD
2004: Antoinette Hood, MD 2014: Henry Lim, MD
2005: Clark C. Otley, MD 2015: Angela Christiano, PhD, FACMG
2006: Barbara A. Gilchrest, MD 2016: Timothy G. Berger, MD
2007: Mark Lebwohl, MD 2017: Scott Norton, MD, MPH, MSc
2008: Jeffrey P. Callen, MD, FAAD 2018: Carrie L. Kovarik, MD
2009: Peter Heald, MD 2019: Suzanne Olbricht, MD