Care That’s Focused on You

When your kidneys are healthy, they filter your blood by removing waste and excess fluid, while helping to balance your body’s chemicals and maintain a healthy blood pressure. When your kidneys are failing, they can’t filter your blood as well as they should. This causes waste to build up in your body and this can harm your health. When this happens, dialysis is needed to replace your kidneys and helps your body eliminate waste and remove fluid that is retained in your body.

Most people undergo hemodialysis several times a week. We offer several convenient dialysis treatment options, including:

  • Outpatient dialysis at DaVita Burlington at 31 Mall Road, Burlington. At this location, we offer both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. The Lahey nephrology team follows patients closely throughout their dialysis. A typical hemodialysis treatment is three to four hours long and is needed three times per week. We also have an outstanding peritoneal dialysis team. Peritoneal dialysis is a form of home dialysis that is done daily by the patient at home. A large number of patients on peritoneal dialysis receive their training and ongoing care from our experts.
  • Inpatient services at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. In partnership with Dialysis Clinic, Inc., we provide inpatient hemodialysis when you are hospitalized. You will continue to be seen by our nephrology team daily while hospitalized
  • In-home treatment with NxStage home hemodialysis equipment. NxStage is a portable dialysis system that lets you self-administer your dialysis at home, work or any clean location.

If you need dialysis, you probably have questions about what to expect and the steps you should take in preparation for treatment. We invite you to take a look at some common questions patients have and to reach out to us with any concerns.

Shared Decision Making

We understand the impact dialysis can have on your life. Our team works with you to make sure you understand your options. We outline the pros and cons of each potential choice and help you determine what form of dialysis works best for you.

We supply training and education so you know what to expect. We know you’ll have questions and concerns and our team welcomes the chance to explain your condition, teach you what to expect and help you navigate your journey to improved health.

Team-Based Approach

Dialysis treatment at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is offered by a team of kidney specialists (nephrologists), social workers, nurses, nurse practitioners, nutritionists and other kidney care experts.

We work hand in hand with our transplant and vascular surgeons to make sure your dialysis needs are taken into account before, during and after a kidney transplant.