When you come to Lahey Hospital & Medical Center for endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism conditions, you receive care from a team that takes the time to listen. Our providers manage all aspects of your health using your input—about how you feel and what you are experiencing—to create a treatment plan that works for you.

Endocrinology Jeremy J. Beaulieu, NP
Gary W. Cushing, MD
Endocrinology Gary W. Cushing, MD
Heather L. Elias, MD
Endocrinology Heather L. Elias, MD
Mary Beth Hodge, MD
Endocrinology Mary Beth Hodge, MD
Julie C. Howe, NP
Endocrinology Julie C. Howe, NP
Iqra Javeed, MD
Endocrinology Iqra Javeed, MD
Neil D. Kobrosky, MD
Endocrinology Neil D. Kobrosky, MD
Yanping Kong, MD
Endocrinology Yanping Kong, MD
Rebecca L. Longo, NP
Endocrinology Rebecca L. Longo, NP
Jennifer A. Lutz, NP
Endocrinology Jennifer A. Lutz, NP
Andrew R. McCullough, MD
Endocrinology Andrew R. McCullough, MD
Sathyavani Prabhakar, MD
Medical and Surgical Weight Loss Endocrinology Sathyavani Prabhakar, MD
Angela M. Restrepo, MD
Endocrinology Angela M. Restrepo, MD
Scott B. Sperling, MD
Endocrinology Scott B. Sperling, MD
Leo Tchong, MD
Endocrinology Leo Tchong, MD
Jagriti Upadhyay, MD
Endocrinology Jagriti Upadhyay, MD