If you have symptoms of gastrointestinal illness or distress, you want answers quickly. We’re here to provide them.

Our specialists can help with a consultation, or you can set up a time for a screening, such as a colonoscopy. Please speak with your referring provider to place an order for an endoscopy or colonoscopy. We’re also happy to make an appointment for a second opinion about a diagnosis from another provider.

Schedule an endoscopy/colonoscopy
Make an appointment

If you prefer a provider of your own gender, just ask—we’re happy to accommodate you. We understand how reassuring it is for women to see a female provider for gastrointestinal problems. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has more female gastroenterology providers than any other center in the nation. They provide the highest level of care along with added comfort for female patients.

If you’re already seeing your own provider for your symptoms, he or she may want to refer you to a specialist. We welcome referrals from primary care physicians and other providers.