Gastroenterology Specialists

The gastroenterology team at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is made up of specialists who treat the full range of digestive and liver conditions. Our gastroenterologists, surgeons, endoscopists, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and nurse practitioners work together to bring to each patient the latest treatments and personalized care.

Lahey’s large group of specialists includes more female gastroenterologists than any other center in the U.S. That means women who prefer a female provider will get an appointment more quickly.

Mena M. Bakhit, MD
Gastroenterology Mena M. Bakhit, MD
Katherine T. Brunner, MD
Gastroenterology Katherine T. Brunner, MD
David L. Burns, MD
Gastroenterology David L. Burns, MD
Khadija Chaudrey, MD
Gastroenterology Khadija Chaudrey, MD
Stella Y. Chow, MD
Gastroenterology Stella Y. Chow, MD
Kathleen E. Cleary, NP
Gastroenterology Kathleen E. Cleary, NP
Gastroenterology Neethi R. Dasu, DO
Kara L. Del Torchio, NP
Gastroenterology Kara L. Del Torchio, NP
Bonnie A. Ewald, MD
Gastroenterology Bonnie A. Ewald, MD
Stephen C. Fabry, MD
Gastroenterology Stephen C. Fabry, MD
Kristen E. Farwell, MD
Gastroenterology Kristen E. Farwell, MD
Gastroenterology Samson B. Ferm, MD
Gail M. Gregg, NP
Gastroenterology Gail M. Gregg, NP
Nicole C Hanley-Williams, MD
Gastroenterology Nicole C Hanley-Williams, MD
Khaldoon T. Khirfan, MD
Gastroenterology Internal Medicine Khaldoon T. Khirfan, MD
Kaylee A. Krigest, NP
Gastroenterology Kaylee A. Krigest, NP
Anna M. Leszczynski, MD
Gastroenterology Anna M. Leszczynski, MD
Nancy Jean Murphy, NP
Gastroenterology Nancy Jean Murphy, NP
R. Anand Narasimhan, MD
Gastroenterology R. Anand Narasimhan, MD
Steven F. Nezhad, MD
Gastroenterology Steven F. Nezhad, MD
Randall S. Pellish, MD
Gastroenterology Randall S. Pellish, MD
Haider Rahman, MD
Gastroenterology Haider Rahman, MD
Kristen M. Robson, MD
Gastroenterology Kristen M. Robson, MD
Ruth A. Ross-McCormack, MD
Gastroenterology Ruth A. Ross-McCormack, MD
Michelle A. Stefka, MD
Gastroenterology Michelle A. Stefka, MD
Lindsey A. Sullivan, PA
Gastroenterology Lindsey A. Sullivan, PA
Andrew S. Warner, MD
Gastroenterology Andrew S. Warner, MD