Diagnosing and Treating Gastrointestinal Conditions

From gallstones to abdominal pain syndrome, gastrointestinal experts at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center diagnosis and treat digestive conditions. It begins with screening tests, which can find problems early or even help stop an illness before it starts.

Gastrointestinal procedures can also help diagnose your illness. And advanced treatment procedures can relieve symptoms and help heal a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions.

At Lahey, we take every step to ensure your procedure is safe, effective and as comfortable as possible. We start by talking with you about your treatment options. Because you are the key player in your care team, you have an important role in determining which procedure is best for you.

Once we decide on the appropriate procedure, your providers will explain the process and how you should prepare. For example, it may be necessary to fast before some procedures. We take time to answer your questions and let you know what to expect afterward. Your procedure may be done at our Advanced Endoscopy Center or at another Lahey location. We’ll make sure you know where it will be and when to arrive.

With our Endoscopy on Demand program, your primary care provider can order your procedure directly so you won’t need to make a separate appointment with a gastroenterologist.