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For people with hearing loss caused by severe damage to the ear canal, the ear drum, the middle ear bones or the inner ear, implantable hearing devices can provide significant hearing improvement.

A surgical implant is very different from a hearing aid. Hearing aids amplify sound. Implants compensate for damaged or non-working parts of the middle or inner ear, and can help individuals who are not candidates for traditional hearing aids.

About Implantable Hearing Devices

At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, several types of implantable hearing devices are offered:

  • Cochlear Implant – A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that helps to restore hearing in people with hearing loss who no longer benefit from use of conventional hearing aids. This type of hearing loss is usually caused by damage or degeneration in the inner ear. The implant bypasses the damaged inner ear sensory cells and directly stimulates the auditory nerve to send sound information to the brain.
  • Bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) – BAHA technology can help people whose hearing loss cannot be restored with surgery and who cannot use conventional hearing aids. This implantable device bypasses the conduction pathway of the ear, sending vibrations directly to the inner ear on both sides.
    The Department of Otolaryngology at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has the expertise and technology to implant all of these devices. To make an appointment with a Lahey Otolaryngologist, please call 781-744-8467.