Lahey Health is now part of Beth Israel Lahey Health.  Explore Lahey locations below or reach Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Beverly Hospital and Winchester Hospital.

Lloyd M. Alderson, MD
Neurology Neurosurgery Lloyd M. Alderson, MD
Erica Bial, MD, MS
Neurosurgery Erica Bial, MD, MS
Mary Boyum, NP
Neurosurgery Mary Boyum, NP
Carlos A. David, MD
Neurosurgery Carlos A. David, MD
Peter K. Dempsey, MD
Neurosurgery Peter K. Dempsey, MD
Ali Ebrahimi, MD
Anesthesiology Neurosurgery Pain Management Ali Ebrahimi, MD
Zoher Ghogawala, MD
Neurosurgery Zoher Ghogawala, MD
Naman Goel, MD
Neurosurgery Naman Goel, MD
Krystina M. Habib, NP
Neurosurgery Krystina M. Habib, NP
Subu N. Magge, MD
Neurosurgery Subu N. Magge, MD
Haran Ramachandran, MD
Neurosurgery Haran Ramachandran, MD
Robert G. Whitmore, MD
Neurosurgery Robert G. Whitmore, MD
Andrew Y. Yew, MD
Neurosurgery Andrew Y. Yew, MD