About Nursing at Lahey

Just as significant as the science of nursing is the art of the profession. Our staff at the Jean Cunningham Department of Nursing understands the importance of a reassuring touch, a friendly ear and a gentle bedside manner.

Guided by our core values of respect, caring, teamwork and excellence/integrity, we keep those in our care at the center of all we do. Our nurses frequently go above and beyond patients’ expectations—not because they’re required to, because they want to and because they know it can make a difference. They recognize that in many cases, little things can have a big impact on healing.

Our nurses collaborate with your entire health care team, facilitating communication between team members to ensure you receive quality care and your needs are met.

We emphasize ongoing education and professional development as well as participation in outside nursing organizations. It helps our team stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advances in medicine and the health care industry and ultimately benefits you.

Our Nursing Culture

Nurses from the Jean Cunningham Department of Nursing have a strong voice at patients’ bedsides and within our organization. We provide evidence-based care, known to lead to the best medical outcomes. At the same time, we operate with shared governance and encourage our nursing staff to share new ideas.

We’re always striving to do things better and improve the patient experience, and we value input from those on the frontline of patient care. It’s our culture at Lahey and a key aspect of what sets us apart.

Exceptional Nurses Delivering Extraordinary Care

The Jean Cunningham Department of Nursing staff at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center provides outstanding patient care with leading-edge medicine, compassion and integrity.

We have approximately 1,500 nurses, nursing assistants and medical assistants working in the hospital and our outpatient clinics. These dedicated professionals create an environment where you and your family are cared for and supported in body, mind and spirit.

Recognized for Excellence

Our nurses are consistently recognized by our patients and their families as well as their own colleagues for their dedication and commitment to excellence. Through the DAISY Award, we honor team members who demonstrate exceptional nursing practice.

If you’ve had a noteworthy experience with a nurse from the Jean Cunningham Department of Nursing, we encourage you to nominate her or him for this reward. Learn more.

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