referring a patient

  1. Each patient must be referred by a health care provider. No self-referrals are accepted.
  2. Please complete an evaluation request form for each patient and fax it to us at 781-744-5624 (Burlington) or 978-538-4048 (Peabody). Be as specific as possible, especially if you know exactly what type of procedure the patient needs. Every patient will undergo a thorough evaluation prior to the performance of a procedure, if any.
  3. Each patient will complete a Pain Center questionnaire prior to evaluation. The questionnaire will be sent to the patient once their appointment has been made.
  4. Please send/fax any pertinent clinical information (e.g., MRI results, recent chart notes), if not available in the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center patient chart/LCMC.
  5. We will triage all referrals, and patients will be evaluated as soon as possible. Cancer pain is the only true pain emergency and will be treated as such. Please call our physicians to discuss any patients for whom you feel an urgent referral is needed.
  6. Our focus will be interventional management of these problems. We will not refill or fill chronic prescriptions. We will, however, be happy to evaluate a patient’s medical regimen, assist with management, and make recommendations.

request and appointentThe Interventional Pain Management Center only accepts patients who are referred by a health care provider. Most insurances cover our services. We will gladly confirm this with your insurance carrier at the time of your appointment.