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Memorial Services

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center holds an annual Celebration of Life: Service of Remembrance where family, friends and staff gather to reflect on, and honor, the lives of patients cared for by the Palliative Care Service. Members of the team, including clergy, pharmacists, nurses, physicians and social workers, share readings and poems. As one family member remarked after the first annual Celebration of Life in 2006, “To know that my father was remembered by the people that cared for him at the end of his life means so much to my family. It is wonderful that Lahey has such a service.”

Please contact us for the date of the next service.

Support Groups

Oftentimes, patients and families involved with palliative care will need additional support from others who have had similar experiences. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers more than 20 support groups to help patients and their loved ones. Groups such as the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group, the Bereavement Support Group, and the Brain Tumor Support Group, among others, meet regularly and can bring comfort and strength to those who need it.

For more information, please refer to the Support Groups page or the Lahey Event Calendar, or call 781-744-8790.