An Integrated Team

At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, members of the primary care team work together to provide you with high quality care. Our health care team includes primary care physicians, resident physicians, medical students, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, clinic assistants and medical secretaries.

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)

Your primary care physician (PCP) is a doctor who gives you personalized advice and care and manages your overall health. Your PCP provides continuing care for your medical needs and preventive screenings to help you stay well. Your doctor also diagnoses problems and coordinates laboratory testing and imaging (radiology).

If you have a complex health problem, your PCP will refer you to specialists within the Clinic. If you need to be hospitalized, your PCP will communicate with the hospitalists about your health history and follow your progress during your stay.

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s primary care physicians have earned medical degrees, completed a one-year internship and trained for two to three years in an accredited internal medicine residency program. Their knowledge is kept up to date by attending conferences and continuing medical education courses. The vast majority of them are board certified in either internal medicine or family medicine.

Internal Medicine Residents (Burlington only)

Medical residents are physicians who have graduated from medical school and are now training in a clinical specialty. As members of the primary care team, residents care for patients under the supervision of staff physicians. In addition, residents work with attending physicians and hospitalists in the hospital.

Lahey’s Internal Medicine Residency program attracts outstanding young physicians who help ensure patients receive the best care.

Medical Students (Burlington only)

As one of the main teaching hospitals of Tufts University School of Medicine, Lahey offers supervised practical experience for medical students. During a three-month “clerkship,” third-year medical students rotate through the Department of General Internal Medicine as well as internal medicine subspecialties, such as cardiology, endocrinology and palliative care. Medical students are teamed with staff physicians and more senior physicians in training.

During an appointment, you may be introduced to a medical student who, with your permission, will take your medical history and conduct a brief physical exam. You would, of course, also be seen by the supervising physician working with that medical student.

Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Vital members of your health care team, these specially trained health professionals, who hold advanced degrees in medicine, diagnose and treat many of the same conditions as your primary care physician. They work collaboratively with your doctor to provide timely, quality care.

You may see a PA or NP for same-day care for an urgent medical problem or for continuing care for an ongoing condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Allied health professionals also conduct routine physical exams and counsel patients about preventive care. Like your PCP, they will order laboratory and radiological tests and write prescriptions as needed.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Key players on your health care team are RNs, who act as triage nurses. When you are sick and call your doctor’s office, an RN will assess your needs and decide how to best to treat them. RNs can also answer medical questions and give home care advice for some health problems.

Certified Diabetes Educator (Burlington only)

The certified diabetes educator provides diabetes self-management education. Patients with diabetes are taught how to manage their condition through nutrition, exercise, blood glucose monitoring and medications. This specially trained registered nurse educates patients, on an ongoing basis, about how to control their blood sugar. If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, your PCP or another care provider may refer you to the diabetes educator.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

LPNs deliver hands-on patient care, including injections, dressing applications and electrocardiograms (EKGs). If you have high blood pressure, you may be scheduled for regular blood pressure checks with an LPN.

Medical Assistants

A medical assistant escorts you from the waiting room to the exam room and records your height, weight, temperature and blood pressure.

Medical Secretary

When you call your doctor’s office, the first person you talk to is the medical secretary. He or she schedules appointments, takes messages for your primary care provider and, if needed, will direct you to the triage nurse.

Meet the Physicians and Advanced Practitioners


Nidhi Aggarwal, MD
Internal Medicine Nidhi Aggarwal, MD
Family Medicine Jennifer Akeley, NP
Family Medicine Fatima N. Akmal, DO
Brittany Alhayek, PA
Family Medicine Brittany Alhayek, PA
Katherine R. Alonso, NP
Internal Medicine Katherine R. Alonso, NP
Family Medicine Eve Amendola, NP
Stacey Anderson, NP
Internal Medicine Stacey Anderson, NP
Laura E. Andree, NP
Internal Medicine Laura E. Andree, NP
Claire E. Anthony, NP
Internal Medicine Claire E. Anthony, NP
Internal Medicine Bethany Lepene Arguello, PA
Marissa E. Baltus, MD
Internal Medicine Marissa E. Baltus, MD
Michael C. Berarducci, MD
Internal Medicine Michael C. Berarducci, MD
Joshua L. Berkowitz, MD
Internal Medicine Joshua L. Berkowitz, MD
Meghan Beskid, NP
Family Medicine Meghan Beskid, NP
Family Medicine Eileen Boches, NP
Marisa Modini Bochman, MD
Family Medicine Marisa Modini Bochman, MD
David M. Brabeck, MD
Internal Medicine Hospital Medicine David M. Brabeck, MD
Patricia Ann Brooks, NP
Internal Medicine Patricia Ann Brooks, NP
Emily R. Brown, NP
Family Medicine Emily R. Brown, NP
Family Medicine Erin Bursey, NP
Nicole A. Butuzov, DO
Family Medicine Nicole A. Butuzov, DO
Kristy Marie Cahill, MD
Internal Medicine Kristy Marie Cahill, MD
Internal Medicine Jennifer L. Callahan, NP
Carrie Grace Cannon, NP
Internal Medicine Carrie Grace Cannon, NP
Samantha F. Caruso, NP
Internal Medicine Samantha F. Caruso, NP
Family Medicine Karra Cheever, NP
Amanda Coffey, NP
Family Medicine Amanda Coffey, NP
Lisa M. Connolly, MD
Family Medicine Lisa M. Connolly, MD
Stephanie Convey, NP
Family Medicine Stephanie Convey, NP
Internal Medicine Kathleen Alice Cooper, PA
Joseph C. Corkery, MD
Internal Medicine Joseph C. Corkery, MD
Betsey L. Crawford, MD
Internal Medicine Betsey L. Crawford, MD
Cathy D'Augusta, NP
Family Medicine Cathy D'Augusta, NP
Aldo L Damiani, MD
Internal Medicine Aldo L Damiani, MD
James L. Dawson, DO
Internal Medicine James L. Dawson, DO
Ilham Deloomy, MD
Internal Medicine Ilham Deloomy, MD
John W Dickason, MD
Internal Medicine Infectious Disease John W Dickason, MD
Gretchen Dietrich, MD
Family Medicine Gretchen Dietrich, MD
David C. Dobson, MD
Internal Medicine David C. Dobson, MD
Monica S. Dube, DNP
Internal Medicine Monica S. Dube, DNP
Anita A. Erler, MD
Internal Medicine Anita A. Erler, MD
Daniel F. Erler, MD
Internal Medicine Daniel F. Erler, MD
Laura Eurich, MD
Family Medicine Laura Eurich, MD
Robert R. Faust, MD
Internal Medicine Robert R. Faust, MD
Tamar M. Finan, MD
Internal Medicine Tamar M. Finan, MD
Chloe Fish, NP
Internal Medicine Chloe Fish, NP
Polly D. Fraga, MD
Internal Medicine Polly D. Fraga, MD
Angela M. Freniere, MD
Internal Medicine Angela M. Freniere, MD
Nancy G. Funaro, NP
Internal Medicine Nancy G. Funaro, NP
Karen A. Ganz, MD
Internal Medicine Karen A. Ganz, MD
Michelle Gelinas, NP
Internal Medicine Michelle Gelinas, NP
Family Medicine Winifred Gerhardt, PA
Clare Pancoast Gibson, PA
Internal Medicine Clare Pancoast Gibson, PA
Aaron C. Glenney, MD
Family Medicine Aaron C. Glenney, MD
Daniel Robert Gosselin, PA
Internal Medicine Daniel Robert Gosselin, PA
Eric H. Green, MD, MSc, FACP
Internal Medicine Eric H. Green, MD, MSc, FACP
Internal Medicine Imran S. Hasan, MD
Deidre R. Hein, DO
Internal Medicine Deidre R. Hein, DO
Rachel K. Hilshey, NP
Family Medicine Rachel K. Hilshey, NP
Jeremiah W. Huang, DO
Internal Medicine Jeremiah W. Huang, DO
Amanda M. Hulings, NP
Internal Medicine Amanda M. Hulings, NP
Sue P. Ige, MD
Internal Medicine Sue P. Ige, MD
Family Medicine Erica Jesi, NP
Laura Jett, MD
Family Medicine Laura Jett, MD
Internal Medicine Elizabeth H. Johnson, MD
Richard L. Kalish, MD
Internal Medicine Richard L. Kalish, MD
Family Medicine Aliki F. Kallas, NP
Allison S. Kanakis, MD
Internal Medicine Allison S. Kanakis, MD
Matthew S. Kanef, MD
Internal Medicine Matthew S. Kanef, MD
Mitchell Kase, MD
Internal Medicine Mitchell Kase, MD
Sheri A. Keitz, MD, PhD
Internal Medicine Sheri A. Keitz, MD, PhD
Faraz Khan, MD
Internal Medicine Faraz Khan, MD
Khaldoon T. Khirfan, MD
Gastroenterology Internal Medicine Khaldoon T. Khirfan, MD
Suzanne King, NP
Internal Medicine Suzanne King, NP
Johanna Kline-Kim, MD
Family Medicine Johanna Kline-Kim, MD
Molly Jean Klinka, NP
Family Medicine Molly Jean Klinka, NP
Lauren Flaherty Knowles, NP
Internal Medicine Lauren Flaherty Knowles, NP
Internal Medicine Aleksandra Kolnick, DO
Internal Medicine Jessica A. Krass, NP
Alice Lee, MD
Internal Medicine Alice Lee, MD
Family Medicine Erin Lewis, NP
Tianyi Li, DO
Internal Medicine Tianyi Li, DO
Anna I Livson, MD
Internal Medicine Anna I Livson, MD
Elizabeth P. Lo, MD
Internal Medicine Elizabeth P. Lo, MD
Erica A. Lupi, NP
Family Medicine Erica A. Lupi, NP
Lakshmi A. Madduru, MD
Family Medicine Lakshmi A. Madduru, MD
Neha Malik, MD
Internal Medicine Neha Malik, MD
Erin L. Malone, MD
Internal Medicine Erin L. Malone, MD
John E. McCarthy, MD
Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine John E. McCarthy, MD
Internal Medicine Timothy Paul McGrath, NP
Daniel Robert McKee, PA
Internal Medicine Daniel Robert McKee, PA
William J. Medwid, MD
Family Medicine William J. Medwid, MD
Judith A. Melin, MD
Internal Medicine Judith A. Melin, MD
Thaina C. Moravia-Roman, NP
Internal Medicine Thaina C. Moravia-Roman, NP
Erinn M. Murphy, DO
Family Medicine Erinn M. Murphy, DO
Shamsun Nahar, MD
Internal Medicine Shamsun Nahar, MD
Guy T. Napolitana, MD
Internal Medicine Guy T. Napolitana, MD
Thaddeus J. Nigborowicz, MD
Internal Medicine Thaddeus J. Nigborowicz, MD
Elizabeth G. Nilson, MD
Internal Medicine Elizabeth G. Nilson, MD
Kara A. Nugent, MD
Internal Medicine Kara A. Nugent, MD
Maureen M. O'Brien, MD
Internal Medicine Maureen M. O'Brien, MD
Amy O'Brien, NP
Family Medicine Amy O'Brien, NP
Jana T. Oettinger, MD
Internal Medicine Jana T. Oettinger, MD
Internal Medicine Kwadwo A. Ofosu-Barko, MD
Gerry Orfanos, MD
Internal Medicine Gerry Orfanos, MD
Kristin Seeley Padellaro, FNP
Internal Medicine Kristin Seeley Padellaro, FNP
Savita S. Patil, MD
Internal Medicine Savita S. Patil, MD
Cassidy L. Pezza, NP
Internal Medicine Cassidy L. Pezza, NP
Internal Medicine Diane M. Pierce, NP
Matthew C. Plosker, MD
Family Medicine Matthew C. Plosker, MD
Sini N Poulose, DO
Family Medicine Sini N Poulose, DO
Family Medicine Anna E. Read, NP
Jennifer A. Rehm, MD
Internal Medicine Jennifer A. Rehm, MD
Lars E. Reinhold, MD
Internal Medicine Lars E. Reinhold, MD
Jennifer J. Reske-Nielsen, MD
Internal Medicine Jennifer J. Reske-Nielsen, MD
Sharon Brady Richard, NP
Internal Medicine Sharon Brady Richard, NP
Leslie J. Rigali, DO
Internal Medicine Leslie J. Rigali, DO
Violeta Ristic, MD
Internal Medicine Violeta Ristic, MD
Mariellen T. Rodman, MD
Internal Medicine Mariellen T. Rodman, MD
Brian G. Rosenberg, MD
Internal Medicine Brian G. Rosenberg, MD
Elizabeth A. Ryer, DO
Internal Medicine Elizabeth A. Ryer, DO
Internal Medicine Ana A. Saade Lemus, MD
Pritinder Saini, MD
Internal Medicine Pritinder Saini, MD
Shamila Saiyed, MD
Internal Medicine Shamila Saiyed, MD
Dilip R. Sathambakam, MD
Internal Medicine Dilip R. Sathambakam, MD
Victoria F. Scanlan, MD
Internal Medicine Victoria F. Scanlan, MD
Family Medicine Debra Schiebel, NP
Stephen A. Schissel, MD
Family Medicine Stephen A. Schissel, MD
Sara A. Scialdone, NP
Family Medicine Sara A. Scialdone, NP
Shwetha S. Sequeira, MD
Internal Medicine Shwetha S. Sequeira, MD
Heather Serpa, NP
Family Medicine Heather Serpa, NP
Bhumi T. Shah, MD
Internal Medicine Bhumi T. Shah, MD
Nidhi Sharma, MD
Internal Medicine Nidhi Sharma, MD
Marianna T. Silverman, DO
Internal Medicine Marianna T. Silverman, DO
Family Medicine Autumn Smith, NP
Emily Smith, NP
Family Medicine Emily Smith, NP
Pranjali A. Sonis, MD
Internal Medicine Pranjali A. Sonis, MD
Jessica D. Stevenson, MD
Family Medicine Jessica D. Stevenson, MD
Family Medicine Stephanie Strout, NP
David I. Tapper, NP
Internal Medicine David I. Tapper, NP
Julie M. Taylor, NP
Internal Medicine Julie M. Taylor, NP
Brittany D. Toomey, NP
Family Medicine Brittany D. Toomey, NP
Steven Robert Torti, PA
Internal Medicine Steven Robert Torti, PA
Helen D. Tramposch, MD
Internal Medicine Helen D. Tramposch, MD
Elizabeth H. Tsai, DO
Family Medicine Elizabeth H. Tsai, DO
Meredith Veneziano, NP
Family Medicine Meredith Veneziano, NP
Daniel A. Veno, MD
Family Medicine Daniel A. Veno, MD
Hoai-Nu Vo, MD
Internal Medicine Hoai-Nu Vo, MD
Elizabeth C. Walsh, PA
Internal Medicine Elizabeth C. Walsh, PA
Internal Medicine Jessica E. Wiberg, NP
Karen E. Wiberg, NP
Internal Medicine Karen E. Wiberg, NP
Sara Williford, MD
Internal Medicine Sara Williford, MD
Bethan Hover Wilsack, PA
Internal Medicine Bethan Hover Wilsack, PA
Keren T Wilson, DO
Family Medicine Medical and Surgical Weight Loss Keren T Wilson, DO
Christine E. Winger, MD
Internal Medicine Christine E. Winger, MD
Kevin J. Yeh, MD
Internal Medicine Kevin J. Yeh, MD
Janet A Young, MD
Internal Medicine Janet A Young, MD
Internal Medicine Lisa Seeley Zaeder, NP
Alexandra E. Zamore, NP
Internal Medicine Alexandra E. Zamore, NP
Dmitriy Zilber, MD
Internal Medicine Dmitriy Zilber, MD