At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, our dedicated radiation oncologists work with multidisciplinary teams to provide the finest coordinated, personalized care possible for each patient.

The clinical interests of our staff include:

  • Intracavitary and interstitial brachytherapy
  • Techniques of electron irradiation of the body’s skin surface for the treatment of widespread skin malignancies
  • Three-dimensional conformal treatment planning
Christopher Freese, MD
Radiation Oncology Christopher Freese, MD
Howard C. Hsu, MD
Radiation Oncology Howard C. Hsu, MD
Klaudia Hunter, MD
Radiation Oncology Klaudia Hunter, MD
Jeffrey Lemons, MD
Radiation Oncology Jeffrey Lemons, MD
Andrea B. McKee, MD
Radiation Oncology Andrea B. McKee, MD
Asa Joel Nixon, MD, M.P.H.
Radiation Oncology Asa Joel Nixon, MD, M.P.H.
William O'Meara, MD, MPH
Radiation Oncology William O'Meara, MD, MPH
Etin-Osa O. Osa, MD
Radiation Oncology Etin-Osa O. Osa, MD
Gene Wong, MD
Radiation Oncology Gene Wong, MD