Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Center is one of the most experienced and comprehensive centers in New England for the evaluation and treatment of patients with sleep disorders. In fact, we are one of only a few sleep disorders centers in the state of Massachusetts to be fully accredited by the American Sleep Disorders Association. The Center has been in operation for more than 20 years, and more than 15,000 patients have been evaluated to date.

Housed within the Department of Neurology, the Sleep Disorders Center combines the expertise of sleep specialists in the departments of Neurology, Pulmonary Medicine, Otolaryngology and Psychiatry to provide a full range of outpatient and sleep laboratory services. Collaboration among specialists is the cornerstone of care at Lahey. All Lahey specialists share the same medical records, and most consultations are in one building-often on the same day-facilitating both communication among doctors and the reporting of test results to our patients.

We are equipped to evaluate all sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and other causes of excessive sleepiness; night terrors and other parasomnias; and movement disorders in sleep.

Sleep Device Risks

Philips initiated a voluntary recall for several sleep devices used for treating breathing problems.

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