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Helping You Heal, Inside and Out

At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, our social workers work with your doctors, nurses and other caregivers to provide you with personalized care that goes beyond medical treatment. We are here to address your emotional concerns throughout your hospital stay and beyond so you can focus on getting better.

All of our social workers are masters-level clinicians licensed to practice by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with specialized training in psychology, human growth and behavior, sociology and cultural diversity.

About Us

We begin with an assessment to determine what kind of help you need, and then we provide an action plan to help you to define your priorities and make changes if necessary.

Our services include:

  • Connections to appropriate community and hospital resources
  • Counseling for you and your family
  • Group therapy
  • Help with practical concerns (insurance, transportation, medication, disability benefits)
  • Support groups for those with similar illnesses and concerns, such as cancer or heart disease

Meet Our Team

  • Joseph Ackerman, MSW, LICSW; Manager
  • Lindsey Boland, MSW, LCSW; Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit
  • Kayla Hulburt, MSW, LCSW; Ambulatory Kidney Transplant
  • Kim Kisil, MSW, LICSW; Ambulatory Liver Transplant
  • Megan Mariano, MSW, LICSW; 7 West Med/Surg
  • Devlin Martin, MSW, LICSW; Emergency Department
  • Phil Moncrieff, MSW, LICSW; 6 West Med/Surg
  • Diane Moran, MSW, LCSW; Medical Intensive Care Unit
  • Rose Sullivan, MSW, LICSW; Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Anne Winkler, MSW, LICSW; Neuro Critical Care Unit; Lead for Social Work Student Intern Program
  • Samantha Erle, MSW, LCSW; Emergency Department Per Diem
  • Danielle Gauthier, MSW, LICSW; Emergency Department Per Diem
  • Kelsey Shibilia, MSW, LICSW; Emergency Department Per Diem