Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery comprises both the Thoracic Surgery section and the Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular section.

Thoracic Surgery

The Section of Thoracic Surgery at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center provides highly advanced, personalized care for patients with conditions affecting their lungs, trachea, esophagus, chest wall, and mediastinum (the area between the lungs).

We offer comprehensive, world-class care close to home, without the need to travel into Boston. We treat each person, first and foremost, as an individual, with compassion, personal attention and true caring.

Our board-certified thoracic surgeons are among the top minds in their field. Our team brings a combination of preeminent education, training and extensive clinical practice experience to manage each patient’s condition.

Cardiothoracic Surgery


Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s cardiothoracic surgeons are experts in both traditional and minimally invasive/endovascular approaches.

Minimally invasive procedures require small incisions and use tiny catheters and devices to treat many conditions that in the past could only be addressed by traditional open surgery. Endovascular procedures are a type of minimally invasive procedure and are analogous to operating on the arteries and veins from the inside. Tiny cameras are inserted through small puncture sites in the skin, allowing surgeons to view internal organs close up on a video monitor during procedures.

Benefits of minimally invasive and endovascular techniques typically include faster recovery times and less pain. Not all procedures, however, can be performed less invasively and not all patients are appropriate candidates for these types of procedures.