Before Your Cardiac or Thoracic Surgery

You will undergo a series of tests to prepare for your surgery. The testing required is specific to the type of surgery you are having and your other medical conditions. Common preoperative tests include ECG, CT scan, cardiac catheterization and ultrasound scans. You will meet with a member of our anesthesia staff and have standard preoperative blood work.

Each patient meets with our nursing staff for a teaching visit, to understand how to prepare for your surgery and to discuss post-operative expectations and restrictions.

If your surgery is more than 30 days from meeting with your surgeon, you will meet with a member of the outpatient APP staff for an updated history and physical exam.

These results are reviewed by your surgeon and APP staff to ensure you are safe to move forward.

After Your Cardiac or Thoracic Surgery

Your postoperative course will be unique to you and the procedure that you underwent. Your surgeon and care team will discuss the specifics with you while you are in hospital.

At Home

You will have visiting nurse services at home. They will check your vital signs, evaluate your incisions and ensure you are taking the correct medications.

You will be provided with detailed instructions to best recover from your surgery.

Our outpatient APP staff are available to answer any questions from 8-5pm at 781-744-8570. You can reach out to the on-call staff member after hours at 781-744-5100, pager 8616.

You will have a visit with a member of our outpatient APP staff about 2 weeks after surgery. Further follow-up care will be determined during that visit.

We recommend a visit with your cardiologist 4-6 weeks from your surgery date.