The Thoracic Surgery Department at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has touched many lives over the years, but we are always touched in return to hear from patients who wish to share their positive experiences and express their gratitude for our services.

Bruce D of Westfield, MA

had surgery at Lahey performed by Dr. Christina Williamson to treat his lung cancer:

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 State-of-the-Art Surgery

Lahey Hospital Thoracic Surgery Patient

After seeking care for a cough that wouldn’t quit, Genevieve Bomes of Milford, Mass., found herself facing surgery to remove a noncancerous tumor in her chest that was causing her symptoms. Her journey led her to thoracic surgeon Christina Williamson, MD, at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, who removed the mass with tiny incisions and a state-of-the art surgical robot.

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Joseph K of North Andover, MA

had surgery at Lahey performed by Dr. Elliot Servais to treat his lung cancer:

“I am delighted that I chose Lahey-Burlington over other premier Boston hospitals that I had researched extensively over the past few months… I knew I would be in good hands. This team was remarkably competent and could not have been kinder or more respectful to me and my family… They are truly dedicated people.”

Barbara C of Billerica, MA

had part of her lung removed at Lahey to treat her lung cancer:

“Dr. [Syed] Quadri made me feel like I was his only patient. He came and saw me every day. He has a wonderful aura and I felt very comfortable with him. That’s important.”