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Experts and Specialists

The organ transplantation team at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is here to help you. Our transplant team includes surgeons, hepatologists, nephrologists, anesthesiologists and other experts. We also coordinate your care with specialists in infectious diseases, psychiatry, pathology, cardiology and radiology. Our transplant coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians and financial coordinators are also by your side every step of the way.

Transplant Surgery

Mohamed E. Akoad, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery Mohamed E. Akoad, MD
James B. Hendele, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery James B. Hendele, MD
Roger L. Jenkins, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery Roger L. Jenkins, MD
Bart J. Kane, MD
Transplantation Bart J. Kane, MD
Han E. Li, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery Han E. Li, MD
Thomas J. McLaughlin, PA
Transplantation Gastroenterology Thomas J. McLaughlin, PA

Transplant Hepatology

Andreana L. Kosinski, PA
Transplantation Gastroenterology Andreana L. Kosinski, PA
M. Valerie Lin, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology M. Valerie Lin, MD
Carmi S. Punzalan, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology Carmi S. Punzalan, MD
Amir A. Qamar, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology Amir A. Qamar, MD
Amy L. Tien, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology Amy L. Tien, MD

Transplant Nephrology

Marina C. Anastopoulos, PA
Transplantation Nephrology Marina C. Anastopoulos, PA
Beth A. Bouthot, MD
Transplantation Nephrology Beth A. Bouthot, MD
Hector M. Madariaga, MD
Nephrology Transplantation Hector M. Madariaga, MD
Edward D. Walshe, MD
Transplantation Nephrology Hospital Medicine Edward D. Walshe, MD