Physicians who care for transplant patients at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center include transplant surgeons, transplant hepatologists, transplant nephrologists, anesthesiologists, and specialists in infectious diseases, psychiatry, blood bank, pathology, cardiology and radiology.

The transplant surgeons at Lahey are board certified and have extensive experience in all aspects of the surgical care of transplant patients. They also manage immunosuppressive medication following transplantation and monitor patients for the development of rejection.

The transplant surgeons work collaboratively with other members of the transplant team and enlist their expertise when appropriate. The surgeons also perform non-transplant hepatobiliary surgery and general surgery in transplant patients.

Mohamed E. Akoad, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery Mohamed E. Akoad, MD
Marina C. Anastopoulos, PA
Transplantation Nephrology Marina C. Anastopoulos, PA
Sujata A. Bhave, MD
Anesthesiology Sujata A. Bhave, MD
Carl J. Borromeo, MD
Anesthesiology Carl J. Borromeo, MD
Beth A. Bouthot, MD
Transplantation Nephrology Beth A. Bouthot, MD
Igor Braverman, MD
Anesthesiology Igor Braverman, MD
Yee Lee Cheah, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery Yee Lee Cheah, MD
Tomas Cvrk, MD
Anesthesiology Tomas Cvrk, MD
Fredric D. Gordon, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology Fredric D. Gordon, MD
Roger L. Jenkins, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery Roger L. Jenkins, MD
Jeffrey B. Kane, MD
Surgical Critical Care Anesthesiology Jeffrey B. Kane, MD
Bartholomew J. Kane, MD
Transplantation Bartholomew J. Kane, MD
Michael D. Kaufman, MD
Anesthesiology Michael D. Kaufman, MD
Andrei V. Kopylov, MD
Anesthesiology Andrei V. Kopylov, MD
Andreana L. Kosinski, PA
Transplantation Gastroenterology Andreana L. Kosinski, PA
W. David Lewis, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery W. David Lewis, MD
M. Valerie Lin, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology M. Valerie Lin, MD
Thomas J. McLaughlin, PA
Transplantation Gastroenterology Thomas J. McLaughlin, PA
Edwin T. Ozawa, MD
Anesthesiology Edwin T. Ozawa, MD
Carmi S. Punzalan, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology Carmi S. Punzalan, MD
Amir A. Qamar, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology Amir A. Qamar, MD
Andrea L. Seek, MD
Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine Andrea L. Seek, MD
Caroline J. Simon, MD
Transplantation/General Surgery Caroline J. Simon, MD
Amy L. Tien, MD
Transplantation Gastroenterology Amy L. Tien, MD
Christoph Wald, MD
Radiology Christoph Wald, MD
Edward D. Walshe, MD
Transplantation Nephrology Hospital Medicine Edward D. Walshe, MD