We’re Your Health Care Team

From our earliest days as Lahey Clinic, our doctors, nurses, nutritionists, therapists and other health care providers have worked together to provide high-quality care.

This teamwork is sometimes called “coordinated” or “multidisciplinary” or “integrated” care. No matter what you call it, it’s a way of saying we value you and will work together to provide you with excellent care.

How Coordinated Care Works

If you have cancer you might see a surgeon, a nutritionist, a radiologist and a rehabilitation specialist in addition to your oncologist. If you have diabetes you might have a primary care doctor, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist and an ophthalmologist. No matter how big your care team or how complicated your health care needs may be, we work together to give you excellent care.

At Lahey we recognize that you are the most important member of your team. You will always play a key role in making decisions about your care. Our doctors give you personalized attention and work with you and the rest of your medical team to give you the best care possible.

Why Coordinated Care?

  • It’s convenient.
  • Testing can often be done all in one place on one day.
  • Doctors sharing information leads to better health results.
  • Duplicate tests are avoided.
  • The spotlight is put on patient wellness.

At Lahey we’ve been using coordinated, patient-centered care since 1923. We keep doing it because we’ve seen firsthand how well it works for providing world-class care.