What is Simulation?

Simulation training is based on the idea that practicing something before the actual performance makes that performance better. Simulation has been adopted by many professional fields such as sports, music and in the airline industry. Now, it is being increasingly adopted by the medical field as well. Medical simulation is an excellent way to educate and train health care professionals to perform their best. At the Center for Professional Development and Simulation at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, providers work in a realistic health care setting using the latest technology and training methods to learn new techniques, improve teamwork and optimize their response to crises and unanticipated events.

How We Help Patient Safety

Improving a health care provider’s skills in a low-risk setting improves overall safety and quality of care. Simulators provide a structured learning experience and allow providers to practice new skills and procedures without danger to patients. Simulators also improve providers’ reactions when they encounter unusual or emergency cases that require split-second decision making.

Our center provides this critically important service to providers within and outside of Lahey. The skills taught at the Center for Professional Development and Simulation have touched the lives of countless patients.