In addition to the department’s normal educational programs, there are two morning conferences each week devoted to the fellowship. The Monday neuromuscular conference includes lectures given by the fellow and faculty, journal club, neuromuscular case studies and review of interesting EMG cases. The goal is to develop awareness of the breadth of neuromuscular disease by providing exposure to problems that may not arise during a short one year training program.

The Wednesday morning reading conference is an informal conference where the fellow, faculty and CNP technicians meet to discuss assigned readings from Neuromuscular Disorders Textbooks (Amato and Russell) and Clinical Neurophysiology (Levin and Luders). The expectation is that the fellow will be prepared to discuss the highlights of chapters with clarification and perspective offered from senior staff.

Muscle and nerve biopsy conferences occur monthly on a Wednesday organized by Dr. Ho and the Clinic’s neuropathologist, Dr. Christine Thomas.