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Residency Leadership

Michael Kaufman, MD, FASA
Chair and Director of Clinical Operations

Sohail Mahboobi, MD, FASA
Program Director

Sohin Patel, MD
Associate Program Director

Lori Sheehan, MD
Associate Program Director

Heather Griffin
Senior Program Coordinator


Andaleeb Ahmed, MD

Arkadi Beloiartsev, MD

Sujata A. Bhave, MD

Igor Braverman, MD

Ewan M. Cameron, MD

Jennifer Chatburn, MD

Ellen E. Choi, MD

Kevin Crotty, DO

Luke Dong, MD

Kari G. Doucette, MD

Ali Ebrahimi, MD

Tammam M. Farhat, MD

Karim S. Fikry, MD

Lawrence M. Franowicz, MD

Kenneth M. Gabriel, MD

Kameel H. Garas, MD
Director, Pain Management Center, Division Chair, Pain Medicine

Mario S. Grasso Jr., MD

Florian Hackl, MD

Nathan T. Jones, MD

Jeffrey B. Kane, MD

Michael D. Kaufman, MD

Elzbieta A. Kos, MD

Andrew G. Kowal, MD

Richard H. Lehrer, MD

Audrey Long, MD

John Mattimore, MD

Rachel E. Meyer, MD

Cornelius J. O’Connor, Jr., MD

Sohin A. Patel, MD

Marguerite M. Ricciardone, MD

Thomas P. Russo, MD

Maitriyi Shah, MD

Balram Sharma, MD

Lori B. Sheehan, MD

Michael S. Stix, MD, PhD

Paul D. Teague, MD
Vice Chair, Anesthesiology

Daniel D. Vardeh, MD

Ken Walton, MD

Tony Wang, DO

Lawrence C. Weinfeld, MD