Residency Rotations & Schedule

The following is a description of rotations according to PGY level. Rotations are not necessarily chronological. All rotations have reading assignments. Day-to-day faculty teaching is predominantly one-on-one and case-based.

Fundamental Clinical Skills (FCS)

The Fundamental Clinical Skills rotations are completed at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Residents participate in inpatient and outpatient activities arranged by rotation directors in accordance with ACGME FCS requirements.

Fundamental Clinical Skills Rotations
Rotation Duration (Weeks)
General Surgery 12-14
Internal Medicine 12-14
Anesthesiology* 8
Electives 4
Emergency Medicine 4
Intensive Care Unit 8
Neurology 4

*The Anesthesiology month familiarizes residents with the basics of Anesthesiology, the Electronic Medical Record (Epic) and general workflows. Residents are mentored by experienced Anesthesia faculty in both the OR and classroom. This rotation occurs during the second half of the FCS and is designed to provide a smooth transition to the CA -1 year.

Clinical Anesthesia (CA-1) Rotations

Clinical Anesthesia (CA-1) Rotations
Rotation Duration
General OR 3.5 months
General OR/Trauma 1 month
Cardiac Anesthesia 1 month
Chronic Pain 1 month
Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) 1 month
Thoracic Anesthesia 1 month
Vascular Anesthesia 1 month
Acute Pain 2 weeks
Off-site Anesthesia 2 weeks
Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) 2 weeks
Pre-Admission Testing 2 weeks
Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) 2 weeks


Clinical Anesthesia (CA-2) Rotations

Clinical Anesthesia (CA-2) Rotations
Rotation Duration
Pediatric Anesthesia (at Boston Children’s Hospital)* 3 months
Obstetric (OB) Anesthesia (at Brigham and Women’s Hospital)* 2 months
Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) 1 month
Acute Pain 1 month
Advanced General OR 1 month
Airway** 1 month
Cardiac Anesthesia 1 month
Neuro Anesthesia 1 month
Regional Anesthesia 1 month

*Hospitals located in Boston, MA.
**The Airway rotation will focus on techniques in both clinical situations and simulation.

Clinical Anesthesia (CA-3) Rotations

Clinical Anesthesia (CA-3) Rotations
Rotation Duration
Electives* 3 months
Cardiac Anesthesia 1 month
Chronic Pain 1 month
Neuroanesthesia 1 month
Obstetric (OB) Anesthesia (at Beverly Hospital)** 1 month
Regional Anesthesia 1 month
Thoracic Anesthesia 1 month
Transplant Anesthesia 1 month
Vascular Anesthesia 1 month
OR Management 2 weeks
ECHO 2 weeks

*Electives are used to augment clinical experience in an anesthesia subspecialty, to complete case requirements or to work on research projects. One of the two months must be clinical OR months.
**Hospital located in Beverly, MA