General Surgery Graduation 2017

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is a world-renowned center of clinical excellence providing multispecialty diagnosis and treatment in almost every medical and surgical area. Founded by Dr. Frank Lahey in 1923 as an integrated group practice, it has grown to a staff of more than 400 physicians representing 35 specialties and subspecialties.

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Division of Surgery has 80 full-time faculty based at the home institution who contribute to the training of the general surgery resident. In each specialty, including general surgery, the resident acquires the skills and knowledge he or she needs to become a fully trained surgeon.

The surgical specialties are well established at Lahey, with faculty combining busy clinical practices with strong academic credential. In fields where regional centers concentrate on particular types of disease, such as burns and pediatric surgery, our residents rotate to these regional centers to broaden their exposure.

With our outpatient clinics, hospital and operating rooms under one roof, the resident can readily participate in outpatient evaluation, operative procedures, postoperative care, and post-hospital follow-up. In an evolving medical climate, we offer an efficient and effective model for delivering surgical care.

Under the supervision of attending staff, residents assume graded responsibility as they progress through the program, including teaching of junior residents and medical students. The combination of an active emergency service with 2,400 annual visits, a community-based practice, and wide tertiary referral ensure a broad range of cases.

The Lahey environment fosters education and scholarly activities. The hospital is well staffed with 24 hour ancillary support, minimizing routine work. Overnight on-call responsibility is limited to no more than every third night. A diverse and comprehensive conference schedule features Lahey Hospital & Medical Center staff and invited outside experts. Residents are expected to take an active part in the learning process by becoming involved in research and giving educational conferences.

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