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Longitudinal Educational Goals

Longitudinal Educational Goals Table
1. Patient Care
  • Medical interviewing: Able to discern complete and relevant history
  • Physical exam: Able to recognize relevance of physical findings
  • Begin formulating therapeutic and diagnostic plans
  • All PGY-1 skills
  • Develop and carry out patient care plans
  • Ability to use information technology to assist in patient care
  • All PGY-1 and 2 skills
  • Communicate effectively with patients and families regarding treatment plans and results of testing
  • Function as a consultant
  • Perform adequately the required ABIM procedures
2. Medical Knowledge
  • Ability to apply pathophysi-ology to patient care
  • Begin to identify patterns of patient presentation for common medical problems
  • All PGY-1 skills
  • More involved understanding of disease states
  • Ability to perform a literature search
  • Passage of Step III Boards
  • All PGY-1 and 2 skills
  • Appropriate and cost-effective ordering of diagnostic testing
3. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
  • Ability to identify gaps in knowledge
  • All PGY-1 skills
  • Use information technology to assist in patient care
  • All PGY-1 and 2 skills
  • Demonstrate teaching skills for patient and colleague education
4. Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Communicate effectively with patients and colleagues
  • Demonstrate succinct and accurate documentation of patient care activities
  • All PGY-1 skills
  • Understand the role of being a patient advocate
  • All PGY-1 and 2 skills
  • Coordination and communication of care with consultants
  • Leadership
5. Professionalism
  • Professional appearance
  • Demonstrate respect and compassion when interacting with patients and colleagues
  • All PGY-1 skills
  • All PGY-1 and 2 skills
  • Manage conflict with health care providers
6. Systems-Based Practice
  • Demonstrate ability to work as a member of a health care team
  • All PGY-1 skills
  • Mobilize resources within Lahey Hospital & Medical Center to optimize delivery of care
  • All PGY-1 and 2 skills
  • Identify areas for improvement in the health care delivery system being utilized