Telehealth Information

If you would like to connect with your doctor, we have several options for telehealth visits by phone or video. Please contact your doctor’s office to schedule a telehealth appointment.


Visits take place in MyLaheyChart between you and your provider. If you do not have a MyLaheyChart account, your provider can help you enroll.


Visits between you and your provider that take place via third party, such as Google Hangouts or FaceTime.


Visits take place over the phone between you and your provider.

For more information on your telehealth visit, see our step-by-step overview below:

Welcome to My Lahey Chart

Login or create your personal My Lahey Chart

My Lahey Chart is a safe, secure and easy way for you to see your medical records and other health information. You can conveniently access your chart from your computer or mobile device, and it’s free for patients to use.

My Lahey Chart is available to patients with physicians affiliated with Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Lahey Medical Center; Lahey Medical Center, Peabody; and Lahey Hospital & Medical Center primary and specialty care locations.

What Can I Do with My Lahey Chart?

My Lahey Chart allows you to communicate better with your doctor and enables you to play a more active role in your own care.

You can use My Lahey Chart to:

  • Get test results
  • Get useful healthcare information from our patient education resources
  • Manage healthcare for your loved ones as a caregiver
  • Pay medical bills
  • Receive reminders about important upcoming screenings and tests, so can stay healthy
  • Request and view upcoming appointments
  • Renew your prescriptions
  • Send messages to your doctor’s office
  • View your personal health summary, including allergies, medications, immunizations and other health issues

Questions About My Lahey Chart?

If you have questions or need help activating your My Lahey Chart, we invite you to call the My Lahey Chart customer support team at 781-744-7300.