Outpatient hospital services provided by Lahey Hospital & Medical Center with facilities at 41 Mall Road, Burlington; 31 Mall Road, Burlington; 67 South Bedford Street, Burlington; 50 Mall Road, Burlington; One Essex Center Drive, Peabody; and MRI at 16 Hayden Avenue, Lexington; will, in most cases, result in both a Lahey Hospital & Medical Center hospital facility charge and a charge from your doctor.

As a Medicare beneficiary, federal regulations require us to notify you of your financial responsibility for health care services received at our outpatient hospital departments. The intent of this regulation is to ensure that you understand that the services you receive are being provided in a hospital outpatient department, and, therefore, may result in you being responsible for paying a higher co-insurance amount.

For example, a Medicare beneficiary who does not have supplemental Medicare insurance would incur an additional co-insurance amount of $13 for a level three* visit provided in the outpatient hospital department, compared to the same level three visit provided in a doctor’s office setting.

Some commercial health plans also have deductible or coinsurance amounts that apply to some outpatient hospital services. Please check with your health plan if you have questions about your coverage.

*Please note: For more information on these levels, visit the CMS.gov website and search CPT99213.