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Addison Gilbert Hospital is a full-service, 58-bed medical and surgical acute care facility. We provide inpatient and outpatient care to residents and visitors of the Cape Ann community. Specialties of the hospital include: radiology, cancer care, primary adult and pediatric care, day surgery, midwifery, gynecology and maternity care, inpatient geriatric services, and emergency medicine.

The hospital was founded in 1889 and to this day provides state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient care to residents of the Cape Ann community. Among all other Massachusetts hospitals we continue to score among the top hospitals in the nation for patient satisfaction in surveys conducted by Press Ganey Associates.

Visiting Hours

Our hours for most patient areas are from 11 am to 8 pm every day. Parents are allowed in Pediatrics at any time. Visiting in the Intensive Care and Critical Care units is limited family members only, 10 minutes per hour.

When visiting a friend or loved one, please limit the number of visitors to two at a time, since too many visitors can tire the patient and disturb others. Please do not plan on visiting if you are sick or have a contagious disease. Also do not bring food, beverages or medications without first checking with a member of the nursing staff.

When visiting a child in the hospital, parents, family members and friends may bring toys and books from home. Before giving items to the child, please check with a member of the nursing staff to ensure that the toy is safe and appropriate for the child. A favorite toy or book can bring a child great comfort.


Addison Gilbert Hospital has been the resource Cape Ann residents turn to for state-of-the-art healthcare services close to home.  Deeply rooted in the community, we know our patients as friends and neighbors, which adds a special level of compassion to the leading-edge care we provide.

Our Central Scheduling Department is available to schedule those appointments for which a doctor’s order is not needed. Their phone number is 866.479.3208.

Services include:


Behavioral Health Services

Center for Healthy Aging 978.281.1809
DISCOVER Substance Abuse 978.283.4001, ext. 422
Health and Education Services (HES) 978.283.0296

Cancer Services

Gorton’s Specialty and Cancer Care Center
Angus McIntyre, MD  978.283.4000, ext. 559
Biotherapy, Chemotherapy, Home Services, Nutritional Support, Reiki, Support Groups, Supportive Therapies: antibiotic administration, blood transfusions, fluid hydration, phlebotomy.

Cardiovascular Services

Cardiovascular Center  866.479.3208
Pacemaker (Arrhythmia Clinic) and Heart Failure Clinics, Echocardiography, EKG, Pulmonary Function Testing, Stress Testing
Pacemaker Clinic  866.479.3208

Emergency Services

Emergency Department  978.283.4000, ext. 200

Endocrinology Services

Diabetes Education   866.479.3208
Neil Kobrosky, MD  978.283.4000, ext. 552

General Surgery

David Becker, MD  978.927.4004
Carol Naranjo, MD  978.927.4004
Endoscopy  978.293.4001, ext. 254

Infectious Disease

Lucas Wolf, M.D.   866.479.3208

Laboratory Services

978.283.4000, ext. 100

Medical Day Care

978.283.4000, EXT. 559

Medical Nutrition Therapy


Medical/Surgical Inpatient


Ophthalmologic Laser Surgery

Martin Cutler, MD  978.281.8809
Matthew Weinstein-Zanger, MD  978.281.0600


Mark P. Gilligan, MD  978.921.7590


Richard Manolian, DPM  866.479.3208

Primary Care Physicians

Victor Carabba, MD  978.283.7580
Karen Damico, DO  978.283.7580
Amy Esdale, MD  978.283.2726
Zaven Jouhourian, MD  978.281.4550
Candace Thompson, DO  978.890.7373


Phone: 978.998.4601
Fax: 978.998.4973
Hours: M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm 
Fares Mouchantaf, MD
Noel Wheeler, MD

Radiology/Imaging Services

Appointments  866.479.3208
Services  978.283.4001, ext. 150
Bone Density Scan, CT Scan, Digital Mammography, General Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, General and Vascular Ultrasound
[Addison Gilbert Hospital mammography facilities possess a valid license and certificate of inspection by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.]

Rehabilitation Services

Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine 978.283.4000, ext. 141
Balance and Vestibular Program, Hand Therapy, Neurological Program, Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation, Speech Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Women’s Health Program

Senior Services

Center for Healthy Aging 978.281.1809
Balance and Falls Risk Assessment, Behavioral Health, Geriatric Medical Consultations and Memory Loss Clinic
Kevin Ennis, M.D.
Neil Mann, M.D.

Senior Adult Unit 978.283.4000, ext. 790
Inpatient Geriatrics, Steven Gillespie, MD


John Ledbetter, MD  978.927.0714
Michael Zachareas, MD  978.232.9400

Women’s Health Services
Essex County OB/GYN Associates, Inc. 978.282.1880

Teri Allen, CNM
Katrina Sanders, MD
Dr. Mary McCaffrey
Dr. Laura Richio
Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez
Amanda Bevilacqua, CNM

North Shore Birth Center 978.281.2173
Linda Anne L’Abbe, CNM

See full list of services available at Addison Gilbert Hospital.