Charlotte Rickert, Volunteer

A Constant for a Quarter of a Century

The Volunteer and Community Services program recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Charlotte Rickert was there to mark the occasion. Ms. Rickert is a volunteer at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. She’s also the only volunteer who’s been with the program since the beginning.  

In 1993, Ms. Rickert started volunteering in Hospital Admissions after her kids had grown and moved out of the house. She’s been a constant here ever since.

A Reason to Be Grateful

On just about any Wednesday afternoon, you can find Ms. Rickert helping the hospital admissions team with clerical tasks and paperwork. Over the past 25 years, she has seen changes. Technology has progressed. Faces have changed. But, one thing has stayed the same: the sense of gratification she feels when she is able to help others.

While Ms. Rickert has been a Lahey volunteer for many years, she had been a patient even longer before that. She first received care from Lahey more than 40 years ago, when it was located in downtown Boston. “I can attest to the excellent care they provide,” Ms. Rickert says. “So, I’m more than happy to give back to Lahey.”

An Example for All

Today, the volunteer program has more than 200 volunteers. Some volunteers have logged almost 20 years. But only Ms. Rickert has been here since day one. In many ways, she helped define the program.

As Mary Iodice, director of the program, says, “She truly embodies what our volunteer program is all about—making Lahey a more compassionate and welcoming place for the patients, families and visitors.”

Everyone looks forward to her warm disposition for years to come.

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