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COVID-19, Infectious Diseases Clinical Trial 20213056

[LCID Study Number: 20213056]

Randomized, Embedded, Multifactorial Adaptive Platform trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia (REMAP-CAP): COVID-19 (REMAP-COVID)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of a range of interventions to improve outcomes of patients admitted to intensive care with community-acquired pneumonia. REMAP-COVID is a sub-platform of REMAP-CAP that evaluates treatments specific to COVID-19.

Disease/Condition: COVID-19, Infectious Diseases

Department: Pulmonary and Critical Care

Location(s): Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington)

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Clinical Trial Details

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Protocol #: 20213056

Principal Investigator(s): James M. Dargin

Study Coordinator(s): Yuxiu Lei

Trial Phase: Sponsor Initiated Study Phase 4