Lung Cancer Clinical Trial 20213080

[LCID Study Number: 20213080]

Determination and Validation of Lung EpiCheck; a Multianalyte Assay for Lung Cancer Prediction

The purpose of this study is to 1. select a panel of markers, define the algorithm and cut-off value that will differentiate between lung cancer and individuals at high-risk for lung cancer and will allow for the early detection of stage I and II lung cancer tumors in high-risk populations; and 2. evaluate the performance of Lung EpiCheck assay based on screen-detected and enriched stage I and II lung cancer cases and on individuals at high risk for lung cancer that were negative by lung cancer screening.

Disease/Condition: Lung Cancer

Department: Translational Lab

Location(s): Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington)

Primary Contact Email: [email protected]

Protocol #: 20213080
Principal Investigator(s): Kimberly Rieger-Christ
Study Coordinator(s): Sanjna Das
Trial Phase: Sponsor Initiated Study Observational