Clinical Trial

MRI Clinical Trial 2016-028

[LCID Study Number: 2016-028]

Use of Investigational Pulse Sequences and Post-Processing Software in Patients Undergoing Clinical MRI Examination

The purpose of this study is to use results derived from our routine quality assessment process and assessment of new sequences, that have potential scientific interest or may help to improve pulse sequence developed by imaging manufacturers.

Disease/Condition: N/A

Department: Radiology

Location(s): Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington); Lahey Medical Center, Peabody; Lahey Lexington

Primary Contact Email:

Primary Contact Phone: 781-744-2906

Clinical Trial Details

Protocol #: 2016-028

Principal Investigator(s): Sebastian Flacke

Study Coordinator(s): Nanette Matrullo

Trial Phase: Investigator Initiated Study Phase 2