Radiation Oncology

Patient-Centered Care

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers our patients state-of-the-art therapies in a compassionate and patient-centered environment.

Our treatment philosophy is rooted in teamwork, ease of access and patient empowerment. Recognizing that each patient’s oncology needs are unique, we offer a full range of treatment options to meet the specific needs of each patient.

We know that our patients are an important part of the decision-making process, so wherever possible, we encourage all individuals to review their options with their clinicians and radiation oncology team and select the evidence-based cancer treatment best suited to their needs.

To make an appointment:

Burlington: 781-744-8780
Peabody: 978-538-4120

To refer a patient, please call 781-744-8899.

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Team Approach to Care

We use a team approach as our foundation for delivering cancer services. Embracing a team approach that involves the patient every step of the way allows us to pave the way for superior outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and, most important of all, a higher rate of survivorship.

We also work with teams in other departments as necessary, such as hematology, cancer services and our Familial Cancer Risk Assessment Center. This collaboration allows us to provide personalized, compassionate care to patients. This same multidisciplinary approach also extends to post-cancer care.

Accreditation & Research

Lahey’s Radiation Oncology program is accredited by the American College of Radiology. We also conduct patient-centered, innovative clinical trials to help discover the latest advances in treating cancer and other conditions with radiation therapy.

Meet the Team

At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, our dedicated radiation oncologists work with multidisciplinary teams to provide the finest coordinated, personalized care possible for each patient.

The clinical interests of our staff include: intracavitary and interstitial brachytherapy, techniques of electron irradiation of the body’s skin surface for the treatment of widespread skin malignancies, and three-dimensional conformal treatment planning.

Howard C. Hsu, MD
Howard C. Hsu, MD Radiation Oncology
Klaudia Hunter, MD
Klaudia Hunter, MD Radiation Oncology
Naomi Y. Jiang, MD
Naomi Y. Jiang, MD Radiation Oncology
Jeffrey Lemons, MD
Jeffrey Lemons, MD Radiation Oncology
Asa Joel Nixon, MD, MPH
Asa Joel Nixon, MD, MPH Radiation Oncology
Etin-Osa O. Osa, MD
Etin-Osa O. Osa, MD Radiation Oncology
Christopher M. Wright, MD
Christopher M. Wright, MD Radiation Oncology