Meet the Radiology Team

Heideh K. Ahari, MD
Heideh K. Ahari, MD Radiology Interventional Radiology
Rajasekhara R. Ayyagari, MD
Rajasekhara R. Ayyagari, MD Radiology Interventional Radiology
Christopher Bolus, MD
Christopher Bolus, MD Radiology Interventional Radiology
Isabel E. Bree, NP
Isabel E. Bree, NP Interventional Neuroradiology
Brian D. Davison, MD
Brian D. Davison, MD Radiology Interventional Radiology
Alexandra Dlouha, NP
Alexandra Dlouha, NP Interventional Radiology
Sebastian Flacke, MD
Sebastian Flacke, MD Radiology Interventional Radiology
Howard C. Hsu, MD
Howard C. Hsu, MD Radiation Oncology
Klaudia Hunter, MD
Klaudia Hunter, MD Radiation Oncology
Susan M. Hurley, NP
Susan M. Hurley, NP Interventional Radiology
Naomi Y. Jiang, MD
Naomi Y. Jiang, MD Radiation Oncology
Jeffrey Lemons, MD
Jeffrey Lemons, MD Radiation Oncology
Andrea B. McKee, MD
Andrea B. McKee, MD Radiation Oncology
Christopher P. Molgaard, MD
Christopher P. Molgaard, MD Radiology Interventional Radiology
Jana E. Montgomery, MD
Jana E. Montgomery, MD Cardiology Radiology
Asa Joel Nixon, MD, MPH
Asa Joel Nixon, MD, MPH Radiation Oncology
Mary Jane O'Neill, MD
Mary Jane O'Neill, MD Radiology Interventional Radiology
Emanuele Orru, MD
Emanuele Orru, MD Interventional Neuroradiology
Etin-Osa O. Osa, MD
Etin-Osa O. Osa, MD Radiation Oncology
Neil V. Patel, MD
Neil V. Patel, MD Interventional Neuroradiology
Veljko M. Popov, MD, PhD
Veljko M. Popov, MD, PhD Interventional Radiology Radiology
Margarita Rabinovich, NP
Margarita Rabinovich, NP Interventional Neuroradiology
Kristofer W. Roberts, MD
Kristofer W. Roberts, MD Radiation Oncology
Joseph Anthony Salamone, PA
Joseph Anthony Salamone, PA Interventional Radiology Radiology
Rajendran Vilvendhan, MD
Rajendran Vilvendhan, MD Interventional Radiology
Christopher M. Wright, MD
Christopher M. Wright, MD Radiation Oncology


Our Department of Radiology offers a full range of diagnostic imaging techniques and interventional services.