Reproductive Medicine

State of the Art Reproductive Services

The Center for Reproductive Medicine at Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, in conjunction with Fertility Solutions, offers state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic reproductive services for both women and men. Our professional staff offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for infertility. We also specialize in the treatment of endometriosis, polycystic ovarian disease, menstrual irregularities and a number of other conditions. We offer highly personalized service with one on one teaching sessions and seven-day a week monitoring.

Infertility is often diagnosed after a couple has had one year of unprotected well-timed intercourse, or if the woman has been unable to carry a pregnancy that results in a live birth.

Approximately 15% of couples have difficulties conceiving at their first attempt. For older couples 1 in 4 may encounter difficulty conceiving. For patients 38 years and older an infertility workup should be started after 6 months.

There are many possible causes of infertility. A single cause may not be linked to either the man or the women. Often the problem stems from a combination of factors in either or both partners. You and your partner will be diagnosed as a couple to determine the best treatment for you.

The first step in the treatment of infertility is a thorough evaluation. The evaluation generally includes a consultation and examination by a physician, hormonal evaluation and tests to rule out infection. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and/or hysteroscopy may investigate Uterine and fallopian tube abnormalities. A sophisticated semen analysis may be performed as part of the male evaluation. These test results, along with a couple’s previous treatment and medical histories, are used to determine the best treatment plan.