Transgender Health Program

About Our Gender-Affirming Care

The Transgender Health Program at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is a multi-specialty comprehensive care center offering gender-affirming care to transgender and gender-diverse individuals.

Our Transgender Health Program provides both medical and surgical services in a safe and affirming environment. The program is co-directed by Dr. Khushabu D. Kasabwala, a reconstructive urological surgeon, and Dr. Jennifer Reske-Nielsen, an internist.

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In order to schedule an appointment with our providers to learn more about our services, call Caryn Spano, LHMC Transgender Health Patient Care Coordinator, at 978-538-4685.

Transgender Health Programs & Services

The Transgender Health Program provides multi-specialty medical services as well as surgical services. Learn more about our gender-affirming services below.

Gender-Affirming Medical Services


Our dermatologists offer medical, surgical, and cosmetic services to treat many different conditions that affect the skin, nails, and hair for gender-diverse patients.


Our endocrinologists specialize in transgender hormone therapy and general endocrinology, including diabetes, thyroid and osteoporosis management.

Medical Weight Loss

Our board-certified specialists in obesity medicine offer comprehensive medical, nutritional, and lifestyle assessments and collaborative support for weight loss.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists work with patients who have developed pelvic floor dysfunction. Through specialized, individual sessions patients are able to strengthen supporting muscles for the bladder, bowels and sexual organs.

Primary Care

Our team of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners work together to deliver comprehensive and compassion care to our transgender and gender-diverse community.

Speech & Voice Therapy

Our multi-disciplinary team works closely to help patients achieve their voice and communication goals through behavioral, medical and surgical interventions.

Gender-Affirming Surgical Services

Facial Surgery

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons offer a variety of facial plastics and reconstructive procedures for trans-masculine and trans-feminine individuals.


Our gynecological team offers hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (vaginal or laparoscopic). Individuals may also make appointments for abnormal uterine bleeding and screening for cervical cancer.

Sexual Health & Fertility

Our gynecology and urology team offer a variety of services, including:

  • Fertility preservation and contraceptive management for trans-masculine individuals
  • Fertility preservation and orchiectomy for trans-feminine individuals
Genital Surgery

Our multi-disciplinary team of fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive urological surgeons offers consultations for:

  • Primary gender-affirming genital surgery, including orchiectomy, vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty and phalloplasty
  • Revision surgeries for individuals with previous genital surgery
  • Prosthetic surgery, including penile and testicular implants
Top Surgery

Our plastic and reconstructive surgery team are currently seeing consultations for feminizing and masculinizing top surgery.

Meet Our Transgender Health Team

LHMC’s Transgender Health Program uses a multidisciplinary team approach to provide the most comprehensive care. Our team features experts from a wide range of specialties, including endocrinology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, gynecology, and urology. In order to schedule an appointment for any gender-affirming services, call Caryn Spano, LHMC Transgender Health Patient Care Coordinator, at 978-538-4685.

Learn more about our transgender health specialists below.

Our Multidisciplinary Specialists
Behavioral Health
Cardiovascular Medicine
Family Medicine
General Internal Medicine
Medical Weight Loss
Physical Therapy
  • Chenin Duclos, DPT, specializing in pelvic floor therapy for post-surgery recovery, urinary incontinence, sexual function, and vaginal dilator therapy
Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Justin R. Fernandes, MD, specializing in gender-affirming top surgery
  • Brian Freniere, MD, specializing in microsurgery and innovative gender-affirming genital surgery
  • Lifei Guo, MD, PhD, specializing in microsurgery and innovative gender-affirming top surgery and phalloplasty
  • Alan Lim, MD, specializing in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and craniomaxillofacial surgery
Speech and Language/Otolaryngology
  • Timothy D. Anderson, MD, is affiliated with Lahey Health and specializes in Otolaryngology/Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Alison DeStefano, SLP, specializing in gender affirming voice care, voice evaluation with stroboscopy, voice feminization/masculination
  • Cara Spang, SLP, specializing in gender-affirming voice care, voice evaluation with stroboscopy, voice femininization/masculinization
Urological Surgery
  • Robert Carrasquillo, MD, specializing in reproductive urology, expert in the field of fertility and sexual health
  • Khushabu D. Kasabwala, MD, specializing in reconstructive urology and gender-affirming genital surgery, including prosthetics

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