Coordinated, Integrated Care for a Healthy Life

When you come to Lahey Health, you benefit from a comprehensive health team dedicated to helping you find the information and care you need to live life to the fullest.

We strive to be a true partner in the health care decisions you make for you and your family. Our doctors and nurses take the time to listen to your concerns and connect you with the right care and resources when and where you need them.

Health Resources

Whether you need information about a specific diagnosis, want to take a health class or need the latest information on a new cancer treatment, our health resources can help.

Cancer Institute

The Lahey Health Cancer Institute provides the most advanced diagnosis, care, treatment and survivorship support in the region for all types of cancer.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation services provide a wide range care to help you or a family member recover from an illness or surgery, regain strength or safely return home. Services include adult day care and assisted living centers.

Outstanding Doctors and Nurses

There are more than 1,400 primary and specialty care doctors who see patients throughout Lahey Health. Not to mention the highly trained nurse practitioners and nurses who work alongside them.

Find the care you need close to home:

Hospitals and Outpatient Centers

Lahey Health includes five hospitals and ten outpatient centers located north of Boston. Our network of hospitals and outpatient centers means you get easy access to the best doctors and health care close to home.

Behavioral Health

Your mental health is a key component of your overall health. Lahey Health provides mental and behavioral health care for a range of conditions at more than 30 locations.

Lahey at Home

There may be times in your life when you need health assistance at home, such as recovering from a surgery or illness, or wanting to age in place. Lahey at Home provides the home health care you need to achieve the life you want to live.

Clinical Trials

At Lahey Health, our doctors, nurses and scientists are research pioneers. We manage more than 300 clinical trials and continuously invest in research that will improve what we know about medicine and health.

Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine

The orthopedic and sports medicine specialists of Lahey Health work with patients of all ages to keep you moving and active. We treat injuries, musculoskeletal disorders and joint disease in ways that reduce your pain so you can get back to your regular activities.

Breast Care and Women’s Health

Women’s health needs change throughout life. Our breast care and women’s health specialists are by your side every step of the way. We provide breast, gynecology and mother and baby care.

Free Health Screenings and Programs

We provide free health screenings, education and information programs to help you take charge of your health. We work with you to reduce your health risk factors and stay up-to-date on health screenings.

About Lahey Health

At Lahey Health, we are passionate about improving health care for everyone. We partner with our patients, doctors, nurses and other care providers to ensure we are accurately addressing the health needs of our communities in the most compassionate, advanced and cost-effective ways possible.