Improve Your Health and Your Game

If you’re ready to improve your golf game, Lahey Health can show you how to play better, play longer and enjoy the game more.

Our Golf Fitness Assessment program checks your fitness level against the 14 different movements needed for an efficient body swing. Our physical therapists are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute to complete a full-body evaluation that determines how well your body performs the twists, turns and other motions needed for a top golf game.

Assess Your Swing

We use your test results to create a conditioning plan that can prevent injury and pain and teach you to swing most effectively.

Your personalized golf fitness plan may include:

  • Fitness training
  • Mental strategy
  • Physical treatment
  • Working with a golf coach

At Lahey Health, we use a team approach to care. If you’re experiencing issues with stability, mobility or even vision, you’ll get advanced care from the experts you need.

Golf Fitness Assessment Locations

Our physical therapists work with you to identify your golf issues and teach you how to adapt in ways that improve your swing. You can receive a golf assessment at a location close to you.

Addison Gilbert Hospital, Gloucester

Phone: 978.381.7141

Beverly Hospital’s Center for Rehabilitation & Fitness, Beverly

Phone: 978.922.8943

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington

Phone: 781.744.8648

Lahey Outpatient Center, Lexington

Phone: 781.372.7060

Winchester Hospital

Phone: 781.729.8833

Lahey Medical Center, Peabody

Phone: 978.739.7400 (Assessments completed at 5 Federal St., Danvers)

Lahey Outpatient Center, Danvers

Phone: 978.304.8700