Customer Service

The Customer Relationship Management Department and its affiliates are available to assist you with obtaining the excellent service we know you expect when coming to Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Our mission is to exceed our patients' high expectations for service as we strive to provide superior health care leading to the best outcome for every patient. Through a team of service providers, we can assist in resolving any challenges that may occur and ensure that you have access to the many resources available to you while at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.

Customer Assistance

The following departments are part of our customer service continuum. If you are unclear which department will be best able to help you resolve your concern, please call the Customer Relationship Department directly (781-744-8556) so we may assist you.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management can provide a patient advocate, should you require assistance with resolving a concern regarding your care or wish to voice your comments.

Call 781-744-8556

Concierge Services

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center provides health care services to patients from around the world. If you are traveling to Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and are unfamiliar with the local area, we offer concierge services to assist you in obtaining lodging, transportation, and access to local business establishments to make your visit go smoothly.

Call 781-744-8415

Call 800-643-4300*

*Toll Free (United States and Canada)

Patient Financial Services
Financial Counseling

If you need assistance managing your health care costs at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, we can help you by scheduling an appointment with one of our financial counselors.

Call 781-744-8815

Patient Accounts

If you need help understanding your bill or resolving a billing issue, a patient accounts representative is available to assist you over the phone.

Call 781-744-8771

Referral Management

If you choose to schedule a consultation with a Lahey specialist, but have a primary care physician outside our provider network, your health plan may require a referral to ensure proper payment of your claim. The Referral Management Department is available to take referral information from you or your primary care physician. If you choose a primary care physician who is part of the Lahey provider network, you will be able to schedule a visit with any Lahey Hospital & Medical Center specialist without worrying about a referral. Our internal system is seamless and ensures that the requirements of your health plan are met. If you have a PCP within Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and want to request from your PCP a referral to a specialist outside our network of providers, the Referral Management Department can assist you.

Call 781-744-5604