Some people are diagnosed with osteoporosis when they break a bone. Others discover they have low bone density through routine screening or treatment for another condition such as a thyroid disorder. No matter how you were diagnosed, we are here to take care of you from head to toe.

We are experts in preventing and treating osteoporosis. We provide innovative treatments including vertebroplasty to repair fractured vertebrae and medicines that promote bone growth. We also partner with orthopedic experts in our Fracture Liaison Service to prevent and treat fractures. We work with you to find the best treatment for your needs and lifestyle.


Whether you are newly diagnosed, recently fractured a bone or are under treatment to build bone, our osteoporosis team is ready to partner with you. Leading-edge care at Lahey gives new hope to patients at every stage. We provide state-of-the-art diagnostics with bone density testing, as well as serum and urine markers of bone metabolism.

We offer a combination of therapies that can increase bone density and reduce the risk of bone fracture. Our team takes the time to explore all options and talk about potential side effects of treatments that may impact your life.

Treatments we provide include:

  • Assistance with making lifestyle changes, such as changes to your diet and home environment
  • Hormonal treatments and patient education about hormones
  • Medicines to slow bone loss and strengthen bones
  • Surgery, including vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty