Coordinated Care for Sexual Dysfunction

Hormone imbalances can affect your body’s sexual function and your physical and mental health. If you are diagnosed with low sex hormone levels or are living through menopause, our experts can help improve the quality of your life.

We work with men and women of all ages to help manage a variety of sexual function conditions, from low testosterone to polycystic ovary syndrome. Our doctors are highly experienced in treating sexual function issues, including for transgender patients.

We provide comprehensive care through our Center for Sexual Function and by working with specialists in gynecology and urology.

Treatments for Sexual Function Conditions

When you come to us for sexual function care, we work with you to find treatments that help you feel like yourself, avoid side effects and reduce symptoms. We use a team approach to ensure you get the coordinated services you need.

Your treatment may include:

  • Hormone therapy to treat issues such as low testosterone or menopause
  • Medicines to improve sexual desire
  • Changes to your medications if a medicine you are taking for another condition impacts sexual function
  • Gender transition hormone therapy
  • Coordination of transgender medical and surgical care
  • Counseling with a therapist if you are feeling anxious or depressed

Some conditions may require surgery. Your doctors will coordinate your care with specialists in gynecology and urology as needed.