The Balance Center at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is a multidisciplinary program for the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium and impaired balance which may arise from the central or peripheral vestibular systems. The peripheral vestibular system is a portion of the inner ear involved in the maintenance of balance and gaze stability. The central vestibular system is located in the cerebellum or main balance center of the brain.

Dizziness and other forms of impaired balance are among the most frequent reasons patients visit the doctor, especially patients over the age of 75. There are numerous causes of such conditions. While most are not life-threatening, the resulting symptoms can severely reduce one’s quality of life.

Anyone experiencing a balance problem should visit his or her doctor. Once the physician has ruled out more serious conditions that might result in balance impairment, such as strokes, certain heart problems, and certain blood pressure abnormalities, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed.

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