Cosmetic Procedures Trend Toward Less Invasive

February 10, 2019

Leading Edge Cosmetic & Laser

Cosmetic procedures today provide dramatically expanded choices for patients. At the Cosmetic and Laser Surgery at Lahey Outpatient Center, Lexington, surgeons use these new procedures to give patients a natural, youthful appearance, often without surgery.

“We are a unique cosmetic and laser center that can individualize treatment plans to meet each patient’s goals,” says Christine DiEdwardo, MD, Medical Director of the Center.

Minimally Invasive Choices

As technology has advanced, it has opened the way for a wide array of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Surgeons at the Lahey Center offer these new techniques as they continue to stay at the leading edge of cosmetic care.

“The way plastic surgeons use to treat the aging face has changed over the last decade,” says Dr. DiEdwardo, who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. “Rather than surgically pulling and tightening as we did in the past, plastic surgeons are now addressing the aging face by restoring volume and shape with injectables and soft tissue tightening technologies, which create a natural, non-surgical look.”

The Cosmetic and Laser Surgery at Lahey Outpatient Center offers the latest non-surgical treatments, such as:

  • Laser technologies to treat sun damage, wrinkles, age spots and other skin conditions
  • Non-invasive fat-reducing technologies, such as CoolSculpting to remove fat.
  • Ultrasound technology, such as Ultherapy, to tighten the soft tissues of the face and neck
  • Injectables, such as Botox, and fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Voluma to soften folds and wrinkles and restore volume

Surgical procedures are also offered as an option if minimally invasive methods won’t meet the patient’s goals.

“With so many service offerings, we are truly able to tailor the treatment to the patient,” says Sonal Pandya, MD, a staff plastic surgeon at Lahey. Dr. Pandya has been a driving force in embracing new technologies.

“Our goal is to achieve the most optimal aesthetic results, with safety being our highest priority,” Dr. Pandya says. “The team in Lexington is collaborative, innovative and creates a positive environment for patients.”

About The Center

Cosmetic and Laser Surgery at Lahey Outpatient Center sees about 4,000 patients a year. More than half our patients come from outside the Lahey system—evidence of the Center’s excellent reputation.

In addition to its face and neck procedures, the Center has added new line of noninvasive technologies to improve conditions many women experience after menopause. The conditions are related to female vaginal health and stress incontinence.

Lifei Guo, MD, Chair of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery [Link to new Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery page] at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, attributes much of the Center’s success to Dr. DiEdwardo.

“Since joining Lahey in 2000, Dr. DiEdwardo has been an instrumental leader in building the cosmetic practice at the Center,” Dr. Guo says. “She has been the primary force in researching, selecting and implementing the newest minimally invasive technologies.”

Dr. DiEdwardo remains focused on providing exceptional, innovative care. “Patients are looking to stay ahead of the curve and want to look and feel healthy,” she says. At the Lahey Outpatient Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Lexington, this is provided in an academic environment with the highest quality of care.

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