Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Residencies Curriculum & Research

Educational Conferences

The strength of the plastic and reconstructive surgery residency program at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center lies in supplementing clinical learning and extensive exposure to basic anatomy with an in-depth series of lectures and conferences.

The Core Curriculum Lecture Series provides a strong foundation of plastic surgery knowledge that prepares our residents for both the written and oral boards.

Critical review of the surgical literature is emphasized through Journal Club and ancillary conferences.

Each resident is expected to begin a mentor-supported research project during their first rotation. These projects will emphasize a basic, unsolved science problem or a critical review of previous treatments in an attempt to improve results in any area in plastic surgery.

Core Curriculum

The didactic teaching program is every Wednesday morning and consists of a comprehensive dedicated weekly core curriculum conference attended by all faculty and residents. Clinical lectures are varied yearly to cover a broad spectrum of topics over two years. Formal lectures are presented periodically by invited visiting faculty. All essential board exam topics in plastic surgery are used to formulate our core curriculum didactics and are presented as a lecture series by the resident or faculty, covering in depth anatomy, board questions and clinical indications. Core lectures are followed by interactive board review questions and mock oral practice cases based off of recent chief resident cases.

In addition to core curriculum, other resident education activities include:

  • Cadaver Lab
  • Injectable Training Clinic
  • Journal Club
  • Microsurgical Training
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference

Cadaver Lab

Anatomic procedures consisting of hand and aesthetic head and neck dissections are performed to ensure a wide exposure to relevant surgical anatomy. The sessions are used to perform dissection and elevation of more complex flaps and cosmetic cases prior to the performance of these more complex cases on patients.

An annual fresh hand dissection is held in the fall, detailing hand anatomy, nerve repair and fracture management.

An annual fresh head dissection is performed in the spring to highlight reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. These are held in the MAST lab during educational time.

Injectable Training Clinic

The quarterly Injectable Training Clinic gives our residents and fellows the opportunity to participate in supervised training to give some of today’s more popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

The non-invasive procedures that are practiced include Botox and Juvéderm, a dermal filler. Both are products of Allergan. The products we use in the clinic are donated from Allergan’s educational division.

The injectable training clinic is for educational purposes only and takes place after regular clinic hours. Each clinic is estimated to service four patients per resident. The residents will participate only while on the Lahey rotation to minimize off-site interruptions and maximize the educational experience.

Journal Club

A bimonthly Journal Club is held the third Wednesday of the month, alternating bimonthly with the Morbidity and Mortality Conference.

Each resident chooses one article for discussion and reviews it according to a set of predetermined criteria. Through this approach, residents will learn how to evaluate a journal article based on the scientific method and the significance of its contribution to the literature.

Microsurgical Techniques Training

A microscope and supplies for microsurgical practice is available to residents 24/7 in our downstairs simulation lab. Additional microsurgical training may be arranged through the microsurgery lab through the program director.

Morbidity & Mortality

It is the responsibility of the chief resident to present the morbidity and mortality rounds after consultation with each of the attending surgeons. These rounds are held bimonthly prior to the staff meeting.

Research Opportunities

We believe that residents should be actively involved in clinical research during their formal training program. Each of our attendings has ongoing clinical projects and/or basic science research laboratories.

Each resident selects a basic science or clinical interest to pursue and chooses a staff mentor to develop this project during their training. All residents are encouraged to submit their work as a poster or a presentation at regional or national meetings. Dedicated time away and financial support is provided.

In addition, the research laboratories located adjacent to the main clinic building are available for residents who have the interest and time to devote to such projects. Many of the attending staff have active ongoing research interests and resident participation in their projects is encouraged.

It is expected that participation in clinical and basic science investigation should not be done at the expense of clinical surgical training.

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