Program Overview

What To Expect at Your Visit

At Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, our Executive Health program is convenient and comprehensive.

During your visit, you can expect:

  • An efficient and comprehensive medical evaluation with diagnostic tests based on your age, medical history and physician recommendations
  • 90 minutes with the physician, which includes an initial consultation and a test results review
  • Laboratory and cardiovascular testing within our private suites
  • Access to world-renowned specialists at Lahey
  • A personal escort to all appointments

If you prefer, we can also notify your personal physician about your test results and other information.

Our Amenities

Our amenities include:

  • State-of-the-art comfortable waiting area with wireless Internet access
  • Digital patient education during test results visit
  • Private work space
  • Private locker and changing facilities
  • Shower facilities
  • Well-stocked refreshments area

Digital Patient Education

This feature is a favorite among patients. During your test results visit, a personalized treatment plan is created with your input. You and your doctor will view all of your current and past test results on a large monitor. This gives you the ability to see trends with your health and the opportunity to ask questions about any test results.

Planet Human

Have you ever wondered how the human body works to keep you alive? Or how your everyday choices affect your body’s ability to function? Planet Human, a patient resource center located in the Executive Health Suite, answers these questions for you. Equipped with the latest virtual and augmented reality technology, Planet Human enables you to explore and visualize in astonishing detail what an amazing and fragile machine the human body is, and better understand how you can keep your body in optimal condition with healthy lifestyle choices.

Patient Testimonials

"I owe my good health to Lahey [Hospital & Medical Center] and its Executive Health program. The comprehensive annual physical process brought to light a condition that, if left untreated, would have resulted in some very unpleasant consequences. As a result of data from my physical, I was able to take preventive action and avoid a potentially catastrophic event. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Campbell and the Lahey [Hospital & Medical Center] team!"

Michael R. Christiansen, CPCU, ARM
President, Northeast Region
Business Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance

"I am confident that if it weren't for the Executive Health program, I wouldn't be here today. They discovered my aortic aneurysm when others had missed it for years. Their diagnostic determination and care are the gold standard that every medical practice should strive for. A heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Campbell and his staff!"

Tom Myers
Director of Sales Development
FootJoy U.S.

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